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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 NFL Nike Gloves - Illuminati

Yesterday, Nike released the new NFL uniforms. Along with a few new looks and updated fabrics, Nike released all 32 NFL team's new gloves. The gloves, like many college teams, has their logo spread across the palm of the hand (Bottom right). A few people have suggested that this new uniform addition can become an issue througout the following seasons. Some feel that the placement of the hands to make the logo, replicate one of the illuminati signs (Top right). Another common issue that could arise is the exccesive celebration penalty. After scoring a touchdown, players can be penalized for celebrating (or unsportsman-like conduct). All of this could lead to either the eradication of the gloves, or the excesive celebration rule. I believe that neither will be removed but the gloves have the highest possiblity of being banned (Not ALL gloves, just the new Nike gloves).

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